Procurement Orders

  • Handles all types of transactions:
    • Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Inventory Tracking
    • Create or edit transaction information, if authorized
  • Approvals:
    • Purchase Requisition Release, Purchase Order Release
    • Security/authorization measures to ensure appropriate user level
  • Leverage your contracts and improve transparency with your suppliers/vendors
  • Vendor Promotions

  • Streamlined systems and processes
    • Leverage existing backend systems with minimal downtime
    • Run all your SAP transactions from one
  • Intuitive user interface, easy navigation
  • Improved productivity, reduced costs & enhanced profitability
  • Increase visibility on P2P Process (Procure to Pay)

  • Transactions, reports and approvals all in OnePlace
    • Consolidated, integrated reporting – for greater flexibility, and more effective decision-making
  • Access data across multiple disparate IT systemsn
    • Multi-panel data visibili
  • Improved transparency/communication with vendors/partners

  • Leverage Existing Business Intelligence Reports
    • Evaluate and rank top suppliers by value and by order
    • Vendor Spend Analysis
  • Suppliers contacts
  • Run all transactions and reports in a single view, to evaluate performance efficiency and optimize resource allocation

Access to connected, integrated procurement data and processes on the go – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Access all transactions
  • Instant approvals
  • Monitoring inventory levels, and alerts for reorder
  • Mobile-compatible multi- panel views
  • Ease of access to data


  • 3600 visibility of your business, with real-time monitoring and alerts
  • All enterprise data gathered in OnePlace, for comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Data integrated across multiple systems

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Inventory Check

  • Leverage your investments in SAP, Ariba, Legacy systems – integrate multiple existing platforms, and connect with vendors/partners for optimal transparency
  • Credit checking
  • Products
    Retail Mobile app
    Ecommerce Mobile Cart Application
  • Products
    Retail Kiosk
    Order Taking Kiosk Management System
  • Products
    Sales Management
    Sales Application Management System
  • Products
    Store Customer Relationship Management
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