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As an SAP-certified partner, SITA provides cost-effective, packaged services for customers looking to migrate to HANA-based solutions.

SITA was one of the early adopters of HANA, since its inception and even release of its predecessors (e.g. BW Accelerator). Working with partners such as HP, CISCO and Hitachi Data Systems, we have been effectively delivering HANA solutions to SAP customers for years.

We have designed a series of HANA service offerings that are customizable, cost-effective and take little time to set up – working within your resources to ensure the solution meets all of your business needs. You select the model, and scale it up as and when you want – without any hassle.


Strategic Consulting

Let us help you recognize and capitalize on your most profitable inventory with industry best practices – whether for small companies or large global enterprises.

Business Transformation

Enable successful ERP deployment and data management – with our proven ERP project delivery methodology for a seamless, optimal business transformation experience.

Managed Services

Meet rising customer expectations of speed and flexibility – digitally revolutionize your operations to create an agile, innovative business model, without breaking the bank.


Utilize independent testing services, to ensure quality and dependability of IT applications and systems across your enterprise.



Leverage our flagship digital platform – SOJOURNER™ -- to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources.

Connect IT and OT systems, collaborate with partners, and modernize your enterprise with digital transformation and new technologies.

Have all data quickly accessible in OnePlace, future-proof for ever-changing technologies – all with the fastest implementation, and lowest-cost integration.


Join the next generation of businesses, and digitally transform the way your enterprise runs with IoT. Utilize IoT’s ability to gather and act on a tremendous amount of data, and make the best use of HANA’s database and processing capabilities.

Achieve unparalleled integration and flexibility with all your enterprise data in OnePlace, through our SOJOURNERTM platform.

Hybris & Omnichannel

Provide a consistent, seamless cross-channel experience that engages your customers, suits their needs and expectations, and converts to sales.

Create multiple touchpoints, boost loyalty, streamline customer support across channels.

CONCUR Time/Expense

Our Concur integration solution makes travel and expenses easier, improving convenience, compliance and cost control.

Simple Finance

SAP’s Simple Finance solution allows you to tap into real-time performance insights, and close the books quickly and accurately. Adapt quickly to change and improve efficiency and compliance.

With our collaborative platform, SOJOURNER™, we can integrate complimentary financial solutions with SAP S/4HANA, and make complex business simple.

Success Factors / HR

As businesses increasingly rely on a global workforce, managing talent in multiple countries of operation requires management. To support this, HCM solutions need to be agile and flexible, to configure your HCM system to be compliant with local regulation.

Digital Enterprise

Digital transformation of your enterprise is critical to keeping a competitive edge. SITA enables you to have proactive, well-informed decisionmaking, with real-time processing, seamless systems integration, and IoT management.
SITA works with you build a next-generation enterprise, to adapt and stay dynamic.

ARIBA / Procurement

With SAP’s Ariba, develop stronger collaborations with your suppliers, real-time information visibility, and responsiveness and agility.
Our SOJOURNERTM Procurement solution delivers intuitive, smart procurement across your enterprise, gathering data across multiple, disparate systems and simplifying complex transactions.


Smart manufacturing systems connect your supply chain, inventory, and staff – to gain visibility and adaptability. Improve connectivity and streamline global operations in real-time, across multiple plants.


An integrated CRM solution can drive greater collaboration among your enterprise’s customer-related systems, and result in significantly more effective customer service.

Supply Chain
Management (SCM)

SITA’s comprehensive service offerings and dedicated team of professionals deliver optimal supply chain implementation and management. With our technical expertise and business process insight, we help you transform your enterprise supply chain to improve transparency, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

Supply Chain
Visibility Platform

Our industry-leading SOJOURNERTM platform provides your business with the best supply chain visibility, easily integrating multiple sources of data, and allowing you to quickly view, analyze, and proactively address your enterprise needs.
Simplify complex processes, fix issues before they become issues, and react quickly to stay competitive.

Enterprise Performance
Management (EPM/BPC)

Enable your enterprise with optimal enterprise performance management (EPM) for historical, current, and predictive analytics.

Expand EPM by integrating Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), to meet your enterprise’s complete budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting requirements.



Our deep expertise in IoT enables you to engage smart, dynamic operations.

As part of a powerful, connected ecosystem, make smarter decisions for your business, optimize materials and inventory management, and connect more deeply with partners.

swift cloud

SITA CORP’s Swift Cloud  provides SAP software for your enterprise via the Cloud – A perfect choice for cost-conscious enterprises, looking to complete projects on-time and within budget.

SOJOURNER Collaboration

Access your enterprise data anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device – with our industry-proven SOJOURNERTMPlatform

Connect to multiple disparate applications and IoT.Collaborate more effectively with partners.Execute transactions & reports.

Analytics & Big Data

Enterprises are surrounded by large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

Powerful analytics enable you to extract information from your Big Data quickly and easily – so you can make better decisions for your enterprise

Business objects migration

Is your enterprise currently running SAP Business Objects 3.x or 4.0 – looking to migrate before SAP ends its mainstream maintenance support?

We work with you to execute the migration in a way that fits your budget and minimizes downtime.

Security & Infrastructure

Strategic planning for flexible systems and extensions as you scale operations.

Protect your data and reduce risk with holistic IT security and compliance solutions.


Increase your return of investment with the fastest technology on the market. Recognize and capitalize on the most profitable areas of your retail inventory with detailed reports in real-time.Our cloud/on-premise will allow you quick access at ease to past historic areas of success.Tackle the retail industry with our driven all-in-one package solutions from small retail companies to large global enterprises.

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