Data Integration Platform

Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Cost-conscious: SOJOURNER™ middleware infrastructure offers a fast, affordable and flexible solution.

  • Aggregate different data sources, from the constituent two sets of systems, into one integrated platform

  • Consolidate data across separate applications and data definitions, from multiple individual departments – and combine to create comprehensive, enterprise-wide reports.
  • SOJOURNERTM gives a single view of the financials, logistics, procurement, compliance etc. for corporations across the divisions and systems.

  • When embarking on a large-scale new systems implementation (e.g. ERP), the process impacts interfaces with many peripheral systems
  • Instead of having to retrofit the data definitions in all these systems, SOJOURNER™ acts as an immediate response, while the long-term fixes are incorporated with minimal downtime

  • Providing temporary integration for Venture Capital or Private Equity firms, looking to achieve purchasing economy of scale across its portfolio of companies – without being intrusive or requiring standardization to be enforced on any of the companies’ data.

  • Rapid provision of a production-ready proof-of-concept within a matter of weeks – if your enterprise has used Agile or Dev./Ops to brainstorm a solution, or perhaps created a “visualization”.


Minimize interruptions and downtime on core business activities, and increase productivity levels and results

Compatible with and connects across multiple sources: Legacy, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Don’t just get reports on aggregated data – but also create & update information, in a multi-directional approach. Rather than simply being a reporting tool, it supports CRUD at the underlying database level.

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