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Analytics & Big Data

Enterprises are surrounded by both structured and unstructured data. We can help you extract information from this data in a timely and economical fashion and then help apply it to optimize decision-making within your enterprise.

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Legacy Migration

As your organization expands and improves its IT systems and processes, the need for fast, secure and accurate migration and integration of data becomes ever more vital to improving corporate performance and delivering a competitive advantage

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Retail App

Retail industries want consumers to make purchase at the customer’s convenience- via online shopping at home or on the go on a mobile App. Omni-channel retailing has become a hot necessity to boost revenue around the clock. Sita Corp can help retailers make this connection.

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Kiosks accepting cash in bills and coins allow for customers to receive change in currency.Our cash kiosks allow customers to order food and pay using banknotes and coins. The machine can also dispense banknotes and coins as change.

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Solutions to our Customers

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